Hi reader, My name is Leon nick name is Lion Heart in this game

Today I will explain you the rule of event name SINGLE PLAYER ARM RACE

That event focus on increase power by Research Technologyupgrade building and train Solider. Arm race event active on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday weekly. there are total 8 round. Each round last for 3 hours, each round may change condition (except Sat and Sun, there are 4 rounds, each round last for 6 hours and they add kill solider to earn point so I suggest you go and kill enemy solider is easier). There total 3 condition:

1. Raise technology power + 150 point. it mean you have to finish research in the research in institute to increase technology power.

For example: you finish a research which will increase your power by 100. you take 100 x 150 = 15,000 point

2. Raise building power + 150 point. It mean you have to finish upgrade a building to increase power. For example: you finish upgrading a building, you increase 1000 power, take 1000 x 150 = 150,000 power

3. Raise building power + 200 and raise technology power + 120. It mean in this round you can earn point by doing both activity.

I had a way for you to earn enough point for opening the third chest which give you diamond and peace shield

You have to DEMOLISH 7 shelters and 7 hospitals, if you never build 8 shelter and 8 hospital then just demolish all except the highest lvl (must leave 1 shelter and hospital)

In short, you need 14 empty plot and leave a shelter and hospital (demolish your farm building like alloy or steel to have enough 14 plot if you must, these building always useless anyway)

after that yu have to wait on the condition number 2 or 3 appear and re build 7 shelter and hospital to lvl 7 or 8 to earn diamond Because I already calculate then number of power we need to earn enough point for open the third chest

Upgrade 7 shelter and 7 hospital to lvl 7 will give you 1700 power = 255,000 point in condition + 150

Upgrade 7 shelter and 7 hospital to lvl 6-7 will give you 1275 power = 255,000 point in condition + 200

Please note that these calculation is for base 16-18. Base 19 - 21 need 475,000 point and you will need to calculate your shelter and hospitals power to figure it out how high lvl of your shelters and hospitals lvl you need to upgrade

Also, after you receive diamond in arm race, please demolish your shelter and hospitals immediately to rebuild again in next round.

I will write how to earn free diamond in Singe player arm race for base lvl 22-25 next time. See ya